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Since Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms and home visits “paused” on March 13th, the Education Staff (Lead Teachers, Teachers, Primary Caregivers and Home Visitor), as well as the Family Advocates, have worked diligently… and remotely… to continue to engage families. How have they been doing this? They’ve been making weekly phone calls, sent learning materials home and posted activities on site Facebook pages, made referrals to community agencies, participated in conference calls, etc. As you can imagine, through all of this the face-to-face contact with the children and families has been sorely missed.
Last week, we had the wonderful opportunity to see those precious faces! We were able to distribute learning “care packages” to each of the children in the program. The packages included a variety of materials – play-doh, bubbles, a puzzle, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, pencils, construction paper, beach ball, bug catching kit, sidewalk chalk, a book, and more. And in Batavia, Lisa Wittmeyer had some groceries for the families. Parents and children will be able to use the items in the care packages for learning and fun for weeks to come! It was especially touching to receive texts, phone calls and pictures from families expressing their appreciation and excitement.
Many thanks to the volunteers and staff who, through the contribution of their time, energy and enthusiasm, made this a joyous success!
Pam Wadhams

The article above was written by Pam Wadhams. I echo her thanks to everyone who was involved, it was wonderful for the children and families! A special thank you goes to Pam and her family, as they worked for days purchasing supplies and putting the bags together!
Bonnie Malakie

Photo and collage credits on the following three pages go to Shelcy Plueckhahn. Thank you Shelcy for creating and sharing these collection of pictures!