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ACT – Helping Youth ACT Responsibly

ACT provides a 6-8 hour evidence-based curriculum, “Making Proud Choices”, to groups of youth (11-21 years old), in Orleans & Genesee Counties. Through the implementation ACT strives to help teens:

    *Delay Initial Sexual Encounter     * Make Responsible Decisions
       *Lower Teen Pregnancies     *Reduce Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Infections

ACT can provide presentations on local statistics, risky behaviors, relationships, internet safety, communication, and on accessing local teen health care services (where free / low cost pregnancy / STD testing).

Visit our websiteACTprogram.org for more info on all topics of youth sexual health

                                                                                                                                          Staff: Jan Albanese – Program Coordinator,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Erin Mattison – Lead Health Educator, Halee Potter – Health Educator                                                                                                                      Bonnie Malakie – Director of Children & Youth Services at Community Action

              Contact Us At: 113 East State Street, P.O. Box 325
Albion, NY 14411
(585) 589-5754
Text Line (585) 412-8022
E-Mail: actprogram@caoginc.org

Follow ACT on: Facebook: ACTprogram;  Instagram: ACT.program;  Twitter: ACT_Program

ACT is funded through the NYS Department of Health, CAPP Project.  All services are free.