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How does child care affect your business? In more ways than you can imagine:

  • Boosting Recruitment: 85% of employers report that assuring child care services for their employees improved employee recruitment.
  • Reduced Turnover: Almost two-thirds of employers found that helping employees find child care services dramatically reduced turnover.
  • Lowering Absenteeism: 54% of employers report that child care services had a positive impact on employee absenteeism, reducing missed workdays by as much as 20-30%.
  • Increasing Productivity: 49% of employers report that child care services had helped boost employee productivity.

Parents know that the child care arrangement they choose will impact the well being of their child and their own success at work. Parents who constantly worry about the quality of their child’s environment, or who rely on an unprepared caregiver, suffer from stress that may derail their careers.

Working parents need child care, without it they are unable to meet the needs of their employers. Here is where Child Care Resource & Referral can help.

  1. First we can assist your employees to find quality child care that fit their family’s needs. Finding child care is key in helping employees maintain their jobs, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.
  2. Second, we can help parents pay for child care by sharing resources that provide subsidize payments for child care.
  3. Third, we can assure the providers they are utilizing are following NYS Child Care Regulations, by providing trainings, and grants and offering our assistance whenever needed.

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