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Weatherization/Energy Services

Carly Ward – Director
Jim Soccio – Weatherization Coordinator

How Weatherization Works…

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a free service to our customers who qualify. To qualify for services a customer must be income eligible. Customers over the age of 60 are referred to the local Office for the Aging. The Office for the Aging will help the customer with the necessary forms and documentation forwarding that information to our office.

After an application has been completed, the office will call and set up a time and date to conduct an energy audit of your home. This usually takes a couple of hours to complete. They will test all fuel burning appliances for steady state efficiency, drafting, and carbon-monoxide problems. Appliances that will be checked are the following: Forced Air Furnaces, Boilers, Space Heaters, Wood Burners, Gas or Propane Cooking Stoves, Gas/Propane/Fuel Oil Burning Hot Water Heaters.

Insulation in the attic and sidewalls of the home is a high priority of the program. Some other measures include air sealing, weather-strip kits, door sweeps, carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms.

Home owners and renters are eligible for services. Owners of rental property that qualify are required by New York State to invest a minimum of 25% of the work scope.

The Weatherization program is designed to help reduce the energy burden on you and your family. We also give families peace of mind knowing that your home is free from the dangers of carbon-monoxide by testing all the appliances before and after the weatherization is completed.

For 2013-2014, the Weatherization Income Guidelines are:

Household Size Monthly Annual
One $2,175 $26,100
Two $2,844 $34,128
Three $3,513 $42,156
Four $4,182 $50,184
Five $4,852 $58,224
Six $5,521 $66,252
Seven $5,646 $67,752
Eight $5,772 $69,264
Nine $5,897 $70,764
Ten $6,023 $72,276
Eleven $6,461 $77,532
Eleven+ Add $503

For more information please call:

Orleans County

Genesee County

If you live in Monroe County and outside of the city limits, please contact PathStone Corporation to explore your eligibility for the weatherization assistance program, or other energy related services.

PathStone Corporation

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